Success Stories

How we’ve helped

United Way

We have received funds from the Branscombe Foundation through successful United Way grant applications, including funding to support our kitchen. Currently, our kitchen team has 7 staff members and produces 150 meals every day. All meals take dietary restrictions and nutritional needs into account. During COVID-19, each meal needs to be individually wrapped/sealed and delivered to clients rooms and even to our shelters that don’t have built-in kitchens.

ready-to-serve prepared food
children in the street socializing

Boys & Girls Club of

As a leading provider of quality programs for children and youth, the Boys & Girls Club of Niagara is a charitable, community supported organization dedicated to helping children and youth.
“The Boys and Girls Club is like a second home for me. Every day after school, the Club welcomes me and my friends with open doors, open arms, and open hearts”.
-Kids Zone participant, Age