A Brief History

Over the course of the Branscombe Family Foundation’s history, it has been the care and initiative of its founders which has set the Foundation’s course and assured its viability for years to come.

Born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, Frank Alfred Branscombe and Mildred Florence Branscombe were married in the fall of 1939. Throughout their lives, the Branscombes were concerned with the well-being of others, donating to a number of charitable causes. As the success of their land development company River Realty grew, they felt the need to allocate a portion of the profits and find new avenues for their philanthropic endeavours.

Having been involved with Rotary International for many years, the Branscombes came to realize that a foundation could be a tremendous benefit and aid to various humanitarian projects across the Niagara community.

Accordingly, Mr. and Mrs. Branscombe decided to lay the groundwork for the creation of a family charitable foundation for benevolent purposes. Incorporated under the Corporations Act of Ontario in the fall of 1977, The Branscombe Family Foundation came into being and officially began its operations on February 1, 1978.

From the beginning, the Foundation’s philosophy of giving has been to serve the community where it is needed the most in the areas of education, health and social welfare.

Up until his passing in 2003, Frank Branscombe was well aware of the great humanitarian needs within the community. It had been his long-standing wish to establish a charitable operation which would run in perpetuity and support the community when and where it is required. Through the kind support, and assistance of his family, friends and associates over the years, this goal has become an ongoing reality.

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